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Sir Telsunn Margraves

Woodcut (circa 1537) Lord Tennyson Margraves Battling arch-enemy Lord Edgerton Collingsworth Fauntleroy

When one hears the name Telsunn Margraves one conjures up the image of an eminently successful, world class thinker and authority.  The Margraves Family Royal Lineage goes back for centuries in Brandenburg. The Margrave family however settled in Great Britain in the 14th century AD and Telsunn proudly carries on the grand ancestral tradition.

Telsunn attended Britain’s most prestigious public school The Wellington Marlborough Academy for Advancement and, upon graduation, was offered a full scholarship to Harvard University. Telsunn Margraves graduated from Harvard in six months was named a Rhodes Scholar attending Oxford.  He received the following doctorates in his first year of study; Doctor of Divinity (DD), Doctor of Civil Law (DCL), Doctor of Medicine (DM), Doctor of Letters (DLitt), Doctor of Science (DSc) and Doctor of Music (DMus).  He continued attending Oxford for another year just for the fun of it.

Telsunn Margraves moved across the pond to the colonies in 1994 where he took up residence in New York City.  During the early years he cultivated one of his passions; memorializing reflections and reporting on political events and happenings in the United States.  He gained extensive notoriety with his important essay, “Cigars and Their Influence on Presidential Discourse.” Telsunn Margraves has met with the world’s leading politicians, notable stars of stage, screen, radio and the internet as well as personalities from all walks of life.  Sir Telsunn Margraves has always had a talent inserting himself into different situations where he is able to observe and recount various states of affairs and write them down for posterity. To this end he has taken “pen to paper” or as he likes to put it “having my assistant using the keyboard to digitally create fake news for discerning peoples of the world!” Telsunn likes to tell anyone who will listen, “People are funny.”  This is the mantra that gave way to Sir Telsunn Margraves developing his enormously popular and oft visited political blog which features absolutely, positively, genuine real fake news of the moment or near moment;

In 2010, in recognition of his achievements, Telsunn Margraves was awarded Knighthood in “the Order of the Companions of Honour” at a ceremony that took place at Buckingham Palace with the Queen Mother performing the induction.  Sir Telsunn Margraves CH, DBE, FBA, FMedSci continually nurtures his other passions including engineering, collecting Hummel, sports car racing and commercial kitchen food preparation and was named the world’s most eligible bachelor by “Architectural Digest”, “Home Shopping Network”, “Car and Driver” and “Food Industry News.”