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There has been, and continues to be, a preponderance of fake news, and it is often difficult to ascertain which is the most important to report.  It is for this reason that I, Sir Telsunn Margraves, have decided to write a blog to select those items that are most appropriate and in the grand tradition of “…Real Fake News!”

The information contained in these news items will be as current as possible given that I must research and seek corroborating evidence as well as confirm that they do, in fact qualify as Absolutely, Positively, Genuine, Real Fake News.  It is important to note that all actual quotes in italics can be attributed to the person cited in the bog article

As the Editor-in-Chief and Head Illuminator, Elucidator and Communicator of Fake News, this is my solemn promise to you, my devoted fans and readers;  I promise on a regular basis, I will be posting articles that you will not read anywhere else.  So please do come back on a regular basis and be assured that all the real news you read here is fake.

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