Talk show host and progressive media personality, Bill Maher, recently made a confession to Google employees that he is among a select group of men that menstruate.  He felt compelled to come out of the closet to create solidarity with men of all political, physical and emotional strips that live with the cursed monthly cycle. Through quivering lips and tear filled eyes, Maher said, “Google has been light years ahead of all other corporations by instituting this policy and I stand united with them and embrace their brave stand.”

Breitbart, who did the exposé, confirmed that the policy established by Google is considered controversial among some Google employees.  One former employee, Arthur, disclosed in an interview is that, “There are also women’s hygiene products in the men’s rooms, because as we all know, some men menstruate.”  The policy was made as a result of progressive, left-wing senior management and employees who wanted to assure that everyone; women, men, transgender, transitional, gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, questioning and Otherkin have equal access to tampons.

Breitbart editors initially thought this claim was so absurd that they thought they were being trolled with fake news. However, another interviewee, Emmett, corroborated the story saying, “It is certainly true that there are tampons and pads in men’s restrooms. To my understanding, there have been complaints that these were tossed away by men using the bathroom when no one was looking.”

At a hastily prepared news conference at Google, Maher confessed how his personal demon, menstruation, has impacted his life.  This appears to be the explanation he offered to explain his offensive comment, “The fact that Trump can either find people like him or make him … [Sen.] Lindsey Graham [R-SC] needs the stabilizing influence of his dead boyfriend.”  Maher also took shots Graham several times by alluding to gay sex acts performed by McCain and Graham, saying that the senator was “familiar” with the “back door.”

Now Maher confesses that he was suffering from hot flashes, cramps, bloating, and mood swings, “Perhaps I should have waited until my time of month was finished and done.”  Maher also said that he was “sorry” for making what many consider an insulting slur and homophobic comment.  “I will now buy Midol by the case and be sure I take at least four or five doses before I go on-air.”

In an article that appears in “Absolutely, Positively, Genuine, Real Fake News” the Book also disclosed that Maher and other celebrities including Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin have also confessed they menstruate which could explain a lot of things.

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